Friday, July 30, 2010

Finding the Latest Sales at Albany's Internet Mall

As Albany's Internet Mall pages are updated with new sales and/new products, notices of these updates are posted on Twitter and Facebook. To find theses latest sales and updates, go to the mall's "front page". As the notices of the latest sales and products are posted on our Twitter account, our Tweets appear on the mall's front page: Each Tweet contains a link to the page in the mall where the sale or added product is found.

Another way to find the latest sales is to visit our sales page on Facebook. The Facebook sales page also features links to pages in the mall where the latest sales and updates are found. A link to our sales page on Facebook can be found at the bottom of the mall's front page. Click the "Facebook" link.

For those who love to "browse", that is still an option. The notices on Twitter and Facebook are "quick references" for those who do not have time for browsing.

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